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      Beijing Jiuhao Micro-electronics Co., Ltd was formed in Oct. 2014, and located in the IC Park of Beijing Zhongguancun High-Tech District. Jiuhao is a start-up high-tech company founded by several alumni of Tsinghua University who have been working in semiconductor industry area for many years, and we focus on the research and design of analog-digital mix-mode ASIC.

      The IoT sensor and wearable electronics IC is the main direction of Jiuhao Micro-electronics. We have strengths on the design of extremely low-power consumption analog-digital mixed IC, low-power SoC system and others such as the application software development. We supply the core technical products and total solutions to our partners. Time is flying and we are offering high performance, high reliability, high cost-efficient systematic electronics so as to be one of the best IC and system suppliers in the world.

      We are a group of geeks, keen on IC design, development and application. We embrace boundless creativity, ambition and passion. Time tries all, while “IC that tries time” is our goal. Our glory, created by permanent pursuing of dreams, will shine in the future of IC world. 

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