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      Evaluate Kits

      In order to facilitate customers' testing and small batch production of signal conditioning chips,we have developed EVB series evaluation kits(EVB1101,EVB120X,EVB2000 and EVB3000)matching ASICs.

      The sensor signal conditioner evaluation kits including hardware and software are available for JHM1101, JHM120X, JHM2000, JHM1501, JHM2031, JHM9000, JHM2102, JHM3802.

      The typical evaluation kit consists of the following parts:

      ?   Communication Board (COMM Board)

      ?   Evaluation Board (EVB Board)

      ?   Pack Board or Socket Board

      ?   Evaluation software

      The evaluation kit contains the hardware needed for communication and calibration sensor signal conditioning ICs. A PC can communicate with the Communication Board through a USB connection. The Evaluation Board provides a pin connector to Pack Board or Socket Board as well as a replacement for an actual sensor, and can be used for the first step of calibration or a dry-run calibration. The Pack Board and Socket Board provides easy to access connection to the IC’s pin terminals.


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